Letter from the Director

March, 2014

The last six years have been interesting to say the least. The economy has been on everybody’s mind. The food bank is not immune from the struggles.

Our supplies are still at an all time low. We just have more people needing assistance than ever before.

In past years the demographics of the people we’ve served have been primarily seniors and the disabled (making up 66% of our totaled served) living on $300-$700 per month. We also saw single family households relying on us when something came up that decreased their monthly income; car repairs, time off when the kids were sick, medical bills, etc. These families came in to get a little help, for a little while.

Over the last five years our demographics have changed. Adding people who have never asked for help from a charity in their lives. Showing up feeling like they have to explain why they are there when they really don’t want to. They know bills have to be paid and the family has to eat. Who are they?

People who have been employed for a long time and received their lay-off notice.

People who work, but had their hours reduced.  They cover most of their monthly bills, and wrangle the others month to month. Most of the comments are “I paid most of the bills and have just $15 left to feed the family until next payday.”

Some need help just a couple of times and they’ll be alright after that.

Most of us have had a rough time in our lives and get through it. With these new families, I believe they’ll get back on their feet when the economy turns around. However, the question is “how long is that going to take?”

Please know how much your help is appreciated. No donation is too small. The food bank is sound because of you. How else would we be able to assist 70 other programs who assisted us in helping 23,000 people in Klamath and Lake Counties.

Humility is alive and well in Klamath and Lake Counties.

If you’re struggling and need some help, come see us. Take the help and when you get back on your feet do what others do, donate your time to help others. That’s what we do as Americans, right!!!

God Bless you.

Niki Sampson,
Executive Director
Klamath-Lake Counties Food Bank



For more information about the food bank:

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